Important Dates

  • Paper submissions: 20th May 2013
  • Acceptance notification: 30th May 2013
  • Camera-ready material: 5th June 2013

Previous Editions

  • SEDA2012


Palazzo Savorgnan di Brazzà, “Circolo Ufficiali delle Forze Armate d'Italia”, Via XX Settembre 2, 00187 Roma, 13, Roma (Italy)
which is the location of the “Italian Armed Forces Lounge for Officers”. The building offers modern facilities and it is easily reachable as it is located in the city center.

Map directions to reach Palazzo Savorgnan di Brazzà from Termini train Station:

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Area attractions

No room has been reserved for the conference. However, there are a lot of hotels in the area.

Hotels near by
Via Quattro Fontane, 23, 00184 Roma, Italy
+39 06 488 4480  ‎ ·
Nuovo Hotel Quattro Fontane 
Via delle 4 fontane, 149/a, 00184 Roma, Italy
+39 06 488 4480  ‎
Hotel 2000 Roma 
Via delle Quattro Fontane, 16, 00184 Roma, Italy
+39 06 4202 0704  ‎ ·
Via Firenze, 47, 00184 Roma, Italy
+39 06 474 2107  ‎ ·
Useful links:
Metro in Rome
Public Transportation Company in Rome called ATAC
Taxi in Rome
Tips when riding taxes in Italia and Rome in particular.

If you use the metro system, you need a metro ticket (1 euro) which can be bought in all the stations (procedure to buy: 1. select the language, 2. select the number of tickets that you want to buy, 3. put the cash, the machine gives change, wait a while, take tickets; be aware of the fact that there will be people begging for money in the proximity of the machine).

To enter metro stations, a 1 euro ticket can be used only once. However, the same ticket can be used for riding every bus/train in the city for 75 minutes. There exist more convenient tickets lasting one day and one week. Tickets can be bought at “Tabacchi” (selling cigarettes) and “Giornali” (selling newspapers) shops.


  • 9th April 2013 -> Call for Papers online

    Call for Papers online.

    5th April 2013 -> Travel and location info

    Details about travel and location.

    14th March 2013 -> Website online

    The first version of the website is online, with detail about the program committee.