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  • Center for Applied Software Engineering

    Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy

  • Circolo Ufficiali delle Forze Armate d'Italia

    Esercito Italiano

The 3rd International Conference in Software Engineering for Defence Applications

Rome, Italy. September 22-23, 2014

Welcome to the website of the Third International Conference in Software Engineering for Defence Applications SEDA 2014. The main event will take place in Rome, Italy, September 22nd and 23rd, 2014.

SEDA 2014 stands out as a premier outlet that respond to the growing need for research that reports and debates practical implications of Software Engineering in the defence environment. There is a need of software performance evaluation in the real settings through controlled experiments as well as case and field studies. As well, there is a growing interest in meeting the strict constraints imposed by the spending review process.

The SEDA conference series aims to be a major reference point for Software Engineering approaches for defence applications, by providing a high-profile forum for accomplished research works on cost/benefit analysis, new business models, organizational evolution, and business intelligence systems and their evaluation in the context of defence organizations, processes, and systems.