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  • Center for Applied Software Engineering

    Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy

  • Circolo Ufficiali delle Forze Armate d'Italia

    Esercito Italiano

Conference Program

Monday, September 22nd

9:00Welcome, Organization Committee (Gen. Messina, Prof. Succi)
9:20Welcome, Italian Army Authorities (Col. Cotugno)
9:40Message of the Special Guests
10:40Coffee Break
11:00Scientific Session 1:
11:00-11:30Implementing SCRUM in the Army General Staff Environment(F. Cotugno, A. Messina)
11:30-12:00Reflections on 20 Years of Software Technology Transfer: From the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) to Silicon Valley (S. Fraser)
12:00-12:30Modellazione agli elementi finiti dei fenomeni balistici con la specifica caratterizzazione dei materiali (R. Porta)
12:30-13:00Accurate Numerical Procedure for Fast Evaluation of the Irradiation Diagram From Scatterers in The Optical and IR Domain (A. Benedetti, A. Veroli, C. Sibilia, F. Bovino)
13:30-14:50Lunch Break
14:50Welcome, Italian Army Authorities (Gen. Ruggiero)
15:00Scientific Session 2:
15:00-15:30A Quantitative Retrospective on the Introduction of Agile Methods in the Italian Army (L. Corral, M. Gasparic, A. Janes, A. Sillitti, G. Succi)
15:30-16:00TACTICS: TACTICal Service oriented architecture (A. Aloisio, M. Autili, V. Cortellessa, F. Barcio, A. D'Angelo, A, Viidanoja, J. Leguay, T. Ginzler, T. Lampe, L. Spagnolo, S. Wolthusen, A. Flizikowski, J. Silwa)
16:00-16:30Device Independent Quantum Key Distribution: A Practical System (F. Bovino)

Tuesday, September 23rd

9:00Welcome, Organization Committee
9:15Welcome, Italian Army Authorities
9:30Scientific Session 3:
9:30-10:00A Comprehensive Approach in Tracking Issues in a Real Time Domain (S. Astromskis, M. Gasparic, A. Janes, J. Iljazi, A. Sillitti, G. Succi)
10:00-10:30Hexagon Shield: Enabling Secure Collaboration in Untrusted Environments (M. Cinque, A. Cilardo, M. Cortese, A. Corbo)
10:30-11:00Effective Screen-Independent Messaging (L. Benedicienti, S. Petty)
11:00Coffee Break
11:30Scientific Session 4:
11:30-12:00Supporting User's Anonymity by Detecting and Sanitising Malicious Code in PDF Files(C. Visaggio, G. Canfora, M. Cortese, F. Mercaldo, A. Guerrera)
12:00-12:30Software Innovation Through Simplification (U. Skorzinski, G. Petroczi-Farkas)
13:00-13:15Closing message, Italian Army Authorities
13:15-13:30Closing message (Gen. Messina, Prof. Succi)